About us

Sahlgrenska Science Park is working to strengthen the life science industry with a focus on western Sweden. We offer expertise and experience on a commercial basis, together with a large network in the business community and other life science stake holders. With sustainable health and with the human being in focus, we increase the prospects for business, academia and healthcare to cooperate.

Our mission in western Sweden is to actively contribute to:

  1.     innovation and competitiveness in the life science industry
  2.     collaboration between academia, healthcare and business
  3.     establishment of new and development of existing businesses

Sahlgrenska Science Park is jointly owned by the Region Västra Götaland (VGR), Business Region Göteborg, the University of Gothenburg (through GU Ventures) and Chalmers University of Technology.

To succeed with the challenge of being an attractive and internationally competitive life sciences cluster in West Sweden, the owners’ guidelines to Sahlgrenska Science Park is from January 1, 2016 and onwards:

  • To promote communication and visibility of the resources and offers available in the life science sector in western Sweden as a “shop window” and brand to the world, to create clearer gateways for stake holders in the sector.
  • To create and promote the emergence of communities and collaboration platforms like “Open arenas” where companies, academia, health care, government and institutions can meet, exchange ideas and engage in effective partnerships.
  • To promote closer collaboration with other clusters in Sweden and internationally.
  • To promote the development of a more effective innovation system adapted to an industry that is undergoing change and a health care that is focusing more on innovation.


Charlotta Gummeson
+46 705-76 52 21
Pernilla Kollbratt
Facility Manager
+46 70-013 13 60
Annika Åkervall
PR & Communications Manager
+46 73-557 00 25
Göran Leonardsson, PhD
Business Advisor, responsible for verification support and regional coordinator for Swelife
+46 70-631 01 42
Ted Ternander
Business Advisor, responsible for our internalisation program Bridge and Accelerator Manager
+46 70-396 93 09
Åsa Lindström
Project Leader Inn2H
+46 707-34 99 76
Lizelotte Edvinsson
Marketing & Communications Manager
+46 705-33 42 43
Carl-Peter Mattsson
Business Advisor, responsible for investor relations and capital issues
+46 708-699 354
Konstantin Balashov
+46 769-45 52 00
Erik Heimer Berglund
Business Advisor healthtech and internationalisation
+46 709 24 20 71
Jennifer Grönqvist
Business Advisor healthtech and HealthTech Nordic Community
+46 733 968 592
Carina Strand
Meeting Coordinator Biotech Center
+46 790-74 77 54
Monique Lindblom
Project Assistant
+46 729-00 24 46
Kenny Genborg
Acting Communications Director
+46 705-562 45 48
Magnus Bergendahl
Development Manager
+46 (0)705 - 17 04 03

Sahlgrenska Science Park board

Marianne Dicander Alexandersson
Chairman of the Board
Ivan Mijakovic
Professor, Director of the Life Science Engineering Area of Advance
Chalmers University of Technology
Eva Wiberg
Vice-Chancellor and Principal
The University of Gothenburg
Cecilia Dalman Eek
Member of the City Council
The City of Gothenburg
Birgitta Losman
The Region Västra Götaland
Håkan Ahlström
City Manager
The city of Mölndal
Ann-Marie Wennberg (adj)
Professor and CEO
Sahlgrenska University Hospital