Ready to go international?

Bridge is a program for small medtech companies that have their sights set on an international launch. We know that a successful establishment on the first international market is crucial to how quickly a company can become profitable. The program offers a faster and more cost-effective way focusing primarily on the British market.

There are many reasons for choosing Britain as a first international market for Swedish medtech companies. One is the focus on investments within Life Science and foreign innovations are sought after to improve health care. The multicultural character of the market makes Britain a good springboard for entering the global market.

Is your network wide enough?

We know that the road may be tricky and full of surprises. We will help you to avoid the pitfalls, detours and unnecessary costs. With a clearly planned process, extensive knowledge of how the British market works and with a strong strategic network , we provide an effective internationalisation support process.

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Contact Ted Tenander for more information and how to apply. Download pdf.