Sahlgrenska Science Park is west Sweden’s node for BIO-X (Uppsala BIO’s innovation program) and partner in SWElife Innovation Programme for Life Science (a strategic and national innovation program for common diseases). This means that we have a unique experience as well as good track of important calls.

Sahlgrenska Science Park has also been selected to provide verification support to companies, via SWElife (Vinnova). During 2016, we are able to support young life science companies with high growth potential and high knowledge level, in efforts to validate the business idea. The funding may not exceed SEK 250 000 and will be used for verification efforts such as market analysis or investigations of regulatory and technological opportunities and challenges.

The goal is to reduce the risks at an early stage to encourage more viable companies to evolve. Support for initial verification of the commercial potential may strengthen small life science companies’ applications to larger programs from SWElife, VINNOVA and the EU.

Contact Goran Leonardsson (PhD), business advisor and SWElife Coordinator, telephone: +46 706-31 01 42, e-mail:

“My aim in the verification process is to reduce the risks at an early stage and contribute to that more successful companies are developed in Western Sweden.”

Göran Leonardsson, PhD
Business Advisor, responsible for verification support and regional coordinator for Swelife
+46 70-631 01 42