Business park

The business park is home to both research firms with a focus on medicine and various knowledge-based businesses in the life science field.

You will find a list of all companies on our Swedish website.

Sahlgrenska Science Park is a unique growth environment for research-based business concepts, innovations and entrepreneurship within the field of life science. We offer premises and services along with an active meeting point for both new and established companies. Through this environment, you also have access to a large network of industrial competence, consultants and investments.

Naturally, we collaborate actively – locally, nationally and internationally. Sahlgrenska Science Park is a lively meeting point for business-related development in the field of life science.

Laboratory options on your terms

At Sahlgrenska Science Park, you can rent laboratories in newly renovated and well-equipped premises.

The aim of our laboratory environment is to create important development opportunities for life science companies and projects. Sahlgrenska Science Park has a good position and is centrally located in the Medicinareberget campus. The close proximity to Sahlgrenska Academy and medical facilities is greatly appreciated, as is the fact that we are flexible when it comes to rental periods. You can choose to rent laboratory space for short periods of time or with a standard rental agreement, depending on what suits you best at the time.

The total laboratory space covers an area of 500 square metres and is well fitted with equipment such as refrigerator/freezer, minus 80° freezer, autoclave, dishwasher, and fume hood. It is also possible to rent part of the cell cultivation room, equipped with LAF workstations and CO2 incubators, and/or office space of various size within the same building. You are always close to specialist expertise, business counselling, and various networks. Sahlgrenska Science Park is an active meeting point.

Specialist expertise and contacts

At Sahlgrenska Science Park, we focus solely on life science. Our unique environment gives you access to a lot of valuable specialist expertise.

With over fifty exciting companies and research projects currently operating in the business park, there are fantastic networking and development opportunities to take advantage of. Innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers with unique expertise can naturally make it easier to establish contact between new companies and specialists, service companies and innovation stakeholders. We contribute with meetings and activities for networking, collaboration and enjoyment.

Many different players with a life science focus establish their businesses here, creating a breeding ground for development in the region. Sahlgrenska Science Park is a meeting point for success in the field of life science.

Medicinareberget is a centre of competence and resources

Sahlgrenska Science Park has an excellent location at Medicinareberget, which has a total building space of over 100,000 square metres.

This environment is home to specialist expertise in a number of research and education areas along with service opportunities with the latest technology and equipment. Here, you will also find the Sahlgrenska Academy, which is home to institutes for biomedicine, odontology, clinical sciences, medicine, neuroscience and physiology, and health and care services, along with other bioscience institutions of the University of Gothenburg.

Sahlgrenska University Hospital – northern Europe’s largest university hospital – is closely situated to Sahlgrenska Science Park. In short, clinic-based research and clinical study activities, collaborative partners, and the city centre are all within walking distance.

Åsa Kjellberg
Facility Manager