Lab on a Bead AB

Lab on a Bead develops and markets a high capacity magnetic bioseparation platform under the name LOABeads™. The concept magnetic bead affinity chromatography, using high capacity magnetic agarose beads, together with the durable and effective magnetic separators, can be used in applications from microliter to liter scale.
Lab on a Bead originates from Uppsala, Sweden and the R&D and production facilities are located there, while marketing and sales are located in Gothenburg. The company was founded in 2007 around research performed at Stockholm and Uppsala Universities. In the company this was further developed into methods for incorporating magnetic material in agarose beads and for coupling ligands to their surfaces. These methods are now patented by the company.
The current product line focuses on lab scale antibody purification. It includes high capacity magnetic agarose beads coupled with protein A and magnetic separators for sample volumes up to 500 ml.

Founded in 2007.


Björn Strandwitz, CEO
0705–130 115
Karin Lundberg
0701–90 34 39

Grundat: 2007