Mittep AB

Mittep AB is a medical simulation company founded in 2012 after we found that adequate, self-directed training for endotracheal intubation is not available, especially in the very young.

Current solutions are either very basic, like intubation mannequins that only offer one physical model with no variation or feedback, whereas advanced solutions focus on team training.

During an intubation, a flexible tube is placed into the patients’ windpipe. This procedure is usually done in emergency and ICU departments and in operating theatres. Unsuccessful intubation can lead to serious injury or death and is the leading cause of anaesthesia-related death and morbidity.

Thorough intubation training today is therefore limited to anaesthesiologists and anaesthesia nurses due to patient and staff intensive training.

Anestetix ™, our first product, is a screen-based virtual reality simulator for intubation of infants and adults and is currently launched in Sweden and Germany.

It offers hands on training in a large variety of different airway scenarios and guides the trainee through the procedure – based on the individual’s prior knowledge. Following each intubation, feedback and metric data are provided, so trainees and teachers can track performance.

This way, students and junior doctors can practice and provide safer care for their patients with good confidence.

Hospitals can educate more staff and save teacher time.

During 2017 we plan to launch another product for interactive medical learning, increasing value for our customers, boosting providers confidence and advancing patient safety.

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