Opatus AB


OPATUS works to improve the quality of life for individuals with attention difficulties – for example ADHD – through an improved smartphone-based approach to diagnosis support and treatment monitoring.

 The problem

Evaluation of individuals with ADHD and similar attention problems is a com-prehensive process of clinical assessment and data collection from multiple informants, often via questionnaires. These tend to be vague and difficult to interpret and results should be supported by objective measurements

The solution

OPATest is an objective, easy to use, attention test that also measures impulsivity and motor activity and serves as a complement to the established subjective evaluation. The test report shows performance over time and gives the caregiver valuable complement to the subjective clinical assessment. The report is extensive, yet easily understood and is an excellent communication tool towards the patient and family. We utilize the smartphone platform to present a tap/no-tap task (CPT) on the screen and simultaneously record a person’s response and motor activity. The report increase the understanding of the severity of the problem and the effect of treatment and thus often increase compliance. The system is uniquely available as the complete test equipment is often carried in the pocket anyhow, and also opens for testing outside the clinic, e.g. in schools or at home.

Petter Knagenhjelm


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