P. U. L. S. AB


P.U.L.S is a life science company with a unique combination of scientists and industrialists who together with innovators are commercializing ideas by providing capital, know-how and committed partnership.

By contributing knowledge and capital PULS helps innovators in life science to develop their ideas and run successful project companies. Since the founding of PULS in 2002 ten project companies have been started and seven of them have reached clinical phase. PULS is currently actively looking for new projects and is eager to make an early entry. Project ideas should have a solid scientific basis in areas with unmet needs for new or improved drugs.

When PULS has made a thorough evaluation of an idea and found that it meets PULS’ criteria a project company is started. PULS has access to some 40 partners with solid experience and broad competence in science and drug development. PULS runs the project company during the development phase and the project company is then divested to a pharma company with experience of production and commercialization. The divestment of the project company will of course benefit the innovators and the financiers and capital can be invested in new exciting projects.

Partners for Developments in Life Sciences, P.U.L.S. AB has:

–    Started ten project companies since 2002
–    Taken seven out of ten projects into clinical phase
–    Successfully divested three project companies, one of which is listed
–    Six active project companies today
–    Unique experience and competence through 40 partners
–    A cost-effective virtual organization
–    A proven business model
–    Raised 500 MSEK to the project companies and 120 MSEK to PULS
–    A regional office in Gothenburg and headquarters in Helsingborg.

For more information, see www.pulsinvest.se.

Contact: Pontus Ottosson, VD, PULS, pontus.ottosson@pulsinvest.se, telefon 070 535 9334.