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Sahlgrenska Science Park is a unique hub for growth companies and investors and has a neutral position in the life science area in western Sweden. There are many interesting companies in our network and business development programs. We prepare, coach and bring together entrepreneurs with the right investors in the companies’ different development phases.

Capital supply – new fund initiatives

An additional role is to develop and improve the supply of capital within life science in western Sweden. We support new fund management teams in the life science field by acting as a communication and knowledge hub for national fund investment initiatives.

Saminvest is one example, a wholly state-owned company that from 2017 will invest indirectly in innovative companies with high growth potential through private managed fund teams, a so-called fund of funds methodology.

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You will find many interesting companies in our network and business development programs.

Albireo is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel bile acid modulators to treat orphan pediatric liver diseases and other liver and gastrointestinal diseases and disorders.

Medical developmentBiotech Center
Service solutionsCompany in the park

Alzinova AB is Swedish biotechnology enterprise engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

ResearchBiotech Center
Medical technologyCompany in the park
Functional foodCompany in the park
Service solutionsAlumni

Caresumables AB works in the field of innovative consumables for Health Care. Patient comfort has been in focus since the company inception in 2012.



Medical technologyAlumni

CELLINK has created one of the worlds first universal bio-ink which is used by some of the most renowned research facilities in the world.

Medical technologyBiotech Center
Medical developmentIncubator
Medical developmentCompany in the park

Inertia AB Clinical Science provides practical help to conduct human clinical studies. This may include study protocols, applications to authorities or compilation of clinical reports. We offer expertise in academic clinical trials and studies in the early exploratory phase and the development phase.

ConsultancyService solutionsCompany in the park

Insplorion AB, with its disruptive sensor platform NanoPlasmonic Sensing (NPS), operates within three fields. Battery sensors, air quality sensors and research instruments.

Medical technologyCompany in the park

Isofol Medical AB was founded in 2008 based on the research of Professor Bengt Gustavsson and his collaboration with Merck & Cie, the world’s leading manufacturer of folate-based therapies. Isofol’s main objective is to improve the outlook for the majority of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

Medical developmentBiotech Center
ConsultancyBiotech Center
Product developmentResearchCompany in the park

LARA Diagnostics AB develops NEQST™ – a handheld medical device for quick, easy and quantitative assessment and screening of diabetes peripheral nerve injury (DPN). We aim to modernize and quantify nerve diagnostics to improve screening, monitoring and decision support for an enhanced diabetes care.

Medical technologyAlumni
Medical developmentMedical technologyAlumni
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Medical technologyAlumniCompany in the park
Medical technologyCompany in the park
Medical technologyCompany in the park
E-healthBiotech Center
Medical technologyAlumni
Medical technologyResearchBiotech Center
Medical technologyIncubator

NovaHep masters a new and powerful technology in the field of advanced regenerative medicine. Using the patient’s own cells, a tissue, even though it comes from a different individual, will be recognized by the patient’s immune system as endogenous.

ResearchBiotech CenterIncubator
InvestorService solutionsCompany in the park
Service solutionsCompany in the park
Functional foodMedical developmentResearchCompany in the park
Functional foodCompany in the park
Medical technologyCompany in the park

SidekickHealth, a gamified health behavior change service that predicts, manages and prevents chronic and lifestyle-related conditions, today announced results of improved treatment compliance and reduction of diabetes from deployments with several at-risk populations.

E-healthCompany in the parkIncubator
Medical technologyResearchCompany in the park
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“Sahlgrenska Science Park act as a hub for most of the major ventures and corporate- players in the life science area in the Nordic region. We provide contacts to interesting and translucent companies in a structured way”.

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Business Advisor, responsible for investor relations and capital issues
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