15 MSEK to Sidekick Health

3 February, 2017


Digital health is thriving. Icelandic Frumtrak Ventures is entering as lead investor and new owner of Sidekick Health, an incubator company at Sahlgrenska Science Park, but now mainly growing in the United States. The investment of about 15 million includes existing shareholders and provides new opportunities.
Sidekick Health is an initiative to maintain healthier habits and prevent lifestyle diseases. The interactive mobile solution looks like a game, but under the surface it is coded for behavioral changes such as increasing physical activity, reducing obesity and eating healthy. The success concept is simply fun!

– From behavioral research, we know that many are triggered by tasks that gives points and rewards in the form of encouragement and opportunity to support charitable causes, says Saemundur Oddsson, a founder of Sidekick Health.

Today Sidekick Health contribute to streamline the lifestyle training and coaching offered by a new, nationwide program of diabetes prevention in the United States. The new investment enables extended reach globally, and above all, there is still a lot of interest in Sidekick in the US market.

The system is developed by a reputable multidisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists, engineers and gaming specialists, in collaboration with Harvard University and the MIT Media Lab in the United States among others. The company has a contract with the Massachusetts General Hospital which is ranked the best hospital in the United States.

Sidekick Healthcare is one of the Sahlgrenska Science Park’s exciting incubator companies in digital health, part of Nordic Connected Health Star Track Network and is a BIO-X projects. Sidekick conduct operations in Gothenburg, Iceland, Britain and the United States.

Text: Annika Åkervall