Mölndal new owner of Sahlgrenska Science Park

28 December, 2016
Today, the decision was made to welcome Mölndal as one of five owners of Sahlgrenska Science Park. This is an important step in an ongoing upshift of the business to strengthen the region’s prospects

A year of networking

28 December, 2016
2016 has been a busy and exciting year for us and for life sciences in western Sweden. Sahlgrenska Science Park has grown through our new mission, with the role as a hub for the life science industry

Albireo now listed on Nasdaq

28 December, 2016
The research and development at Albireo continues successfully in Gothenburg. After the listing of the parent company Albireo Pharma in Boston on the Nasdaq Stock Market in the US in November, visibil

Life Science West

27 November, 2016
Now you can order Life Science West Report. It provides a common picture of the strengths of the life science cluster in western Sweden, from a commercial perspective. This will be a living document t

Amendment about Toleranzia in Park News

25 November, 2016
As editor of Park News, I regret that I have not kept up with the pharmaceutical company Toleranzia´s exciting development! Since the Biotech Center is now part of Sahlgrenska Science Park, we would l

Research funding to Lab on a bead

25 November, 2016
In a new initiative for the future of biological pharmaceuticals, the company Lab on a bead at Sahlgrenska Science Park receive SEK 1.7 million from VINNOVA for a development project in cooperation wi

Abigo gears up with increased production in Askersund

25 November, 2016
To gather research, development and manufacturing in Sweden is a success factor for the western Swedish company Abigo Medical, which develops advanced wound healing products. The company has now inves
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