Hearing system reach the world

6 September, 2016
Gothenburg company Otorix sell its newly developed auditory system to the Austrian world leading hearing company MED-EL AG, and will together with them introduce the product worldwide. Many patients w

Millions in funding and partnership for Insplorion

18 August, 2016
Insplorion at Sahlgrenska Science Park has been granted important funds. Almost 4 million has been granted to the development company in the nanotechnology area after recent successful applications. I

Welcome to Park Annual!

22 June, 2016
Welcome to the innovation event of the year within life science, gathering more than 400 participants that include entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, companies and investors in the city of Götebor

Magnus Björsne is looking forward to Park Annual

22 June, 2016
He has a background as a chemist but over the years he has made several jumps in his professional roles, one of the benefits of working for a large organization. Today Magnus Björsne leads AstraZeneca

US patent and new CEO at Medfield Diagnostics

31 May, 2016
Medfield Diagnostics recently received a US patent for their microwave technology and its use to detect stroke, if it is due to a bleeding or a blood clot. The patent is important as the US market is

Bokavård launches new site for skin care and hair care

31 May, 2016
Bokavård is growing and is now extending operations to new market segments. The hot IT startup company that facilitates care bookings catch up on the health trend wellness with organic treatments and

Anglo Nordic Life Science Conference

30 May, 2016
Anglo Nordic Life Science Conference in London annually gathers more than 300 decision-makers from the pharmaceutical, biotech- and medtech industries as well as investors and venture capital companie

Top 10 advice from TLV

27 May, 2016
How can we measure value-based care? Health economic evaluation of medical devices is one way. It’s important to get as much health as possible for the money, but what does this mean for an entr

Wellness, sustainable health and team building at work

29 April, 2016
SidekickHealth is a new initiative to prevent lifestyle diseases. The company at Sahlgrenska Science Park is growing and interest in the US is on the increase. A new study shows very positive results

Captario strengthened after new agreement with Novartis

29 April, 2016
Captario has developed a design and decision support system for drug development. Among the 25 largest pharmaceutical companies Novartis is the first to have signed contracts for three different proje
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