She solves real world problems in an unreal world

3 June, 2019
“If you are interested in AI, you shouldn’t forget about VR. There are cool things going on here,” says Almira Thunström, business developer and researcher at Psychiatry Affektiva, Sahlgrenska Univers

Counteracting the “tsunami of lifestyle diseases”

24 May, 2019
Tens of thousands of people in Europe and the USA are now getting support to build healthier habits and prevent lifestyle diseases. SidekickHealth continues to show that a small, Swedish company can s

A story that has to be told!

2 May, 2019
There are great things happening in Western Sweden’s life science sector. – It is a story that has to be told, says Kenny Genborg, Acting Communications Director, Sahlgrenska Science Park,

Jennifer Grönqvist’s 10 Best Tips at Vitalis

29 April, 2019
Vitalis has a really good program this year, but when Jennifer Grönqvist, business consultant within healthtech at Sahlgrenska Science Park, tailors her agenda, she has a focus on those who work with

She collaborates with Testa Center

23 April, 2019
Strong collaborations and test beds are important when it comes to the change in life science. Toleranzia received funding from Swelife for their collaboration with Testa Center  and presented new and

Good protective clothing gives better focus

16 April, 2019
It is an increasing trend to use X-rays in surgical procedures. As a consequence, healthcare professionals need safe and functional radiation protection, that are comfortable throughout the surgical p

Growing interest in eHealth Award

15 April, 2019
Healthtech is one of the most trending businesses. A growing interest is evident both in the investment area and in the number of applications for the eHealth Award, where 35 companies have applied fo
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