Predicting the future

11 April, 2019
“We are good at cross sector collaboration in Western Sweden, one of our major competitive advantages”, says Carl-Peter Mattsson, Sahlgrenska Science Park, when attempting to predict the f

The key is to see the connections

10 April, 2019
What is affecting the well-being of a person,  a team and an organisation? GOOZO helps organisations get answers and suggests action, soon also with the help of AI. TEXT: ANNIKA ÅKERVALL Through new t

Chalmers world-class

8 April, 2019
Foreign students appreciate Chalmers University of Technology. This shows in the International Student Barometers (ISB) survey, where students from over 200 universities worldwide are included. As a p

Opportunities via HealthTech Nordic at Vitalis

2 April, 2019
Are you part of the HealthTech Nordic Community? If so, you have free entry to the Vitalis 2019. If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of the HealthTech Nordic Community there is still an opp

Healthtech impact at top 100-list of future unicorns

29 March, 2019
Almost every fifth company on Norrsken Foundation’s new list of 100 Nordic startups with an impact that makes the world better is part of HealthTech Nordic. Cuviva and SidekickHealth are example

Bottom line – it’s all about people

25 March, 2019
You can call it digital health, e-health, healthtech. Whatever you want. It’s still all about people–particularly the women and children of the world. That’s the most important thing Indra Sharm

Apply for a research and entrepreneurship scholarship

18 March, 2019
Do you need to develop yourself and your business through training? Or maybe you run a research Project, for example, focused on corporate development? Apply for a scolarship from the Knut & Rangv

Preventing osteoporosis and fractures with AI

11 March, 2019
The fact that the life science transformation also concerns the dental industry becomes clear via new healthtech solutions using AI. Boneprox, one of the latest additions to Accelerator @Sahlgrenska S

West Swedish girl power!

8 March, 2019
Five women with links to West Sweden place among the top 20 in MedTech Magazine’s list of influential people. Charlotta Gummeson, CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park, is on the list at #19 and Ann-M
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