Window of opportunity for West Sweden

5 March, 2019
With access to expert skills in mobility, AI and 5G, there’s a window of opportunity for West Sweden in the paradigm shift for life science. The business community, science parks and the region are no

Kick start for Chalmers AI Research Centre

4 March, 2019
Chalmers is starting up an extensive initiative in the field of artificial intelligence to enhance and coordinate the current AI research. A kick-off event was held on 4 March for the new Chalmers AI

Pension capital placed in Sahlgrenska Life

28 February, 2019
The real estate company Intea, which manages Swedish pension capital, has become a long-term owner of two of the four houses planned within the extensive life science project, Sahlgrenska Life. TEXT:

BioVentureHub set for significant growth

26 February, 2019
AstraZeneca’s BioVentureHub is planning to double in size. That’s according to Matti Ahlqvist, Site Director for AstraZeneca’s R&D facility in Mölndal, in LIFe-time’s special edition focused on Sw

Appva’s CEO: the most important question is why?

26 February, 2019
Sweden’s population is getting older and healthtech is gaining increasing importance in healthcare. “Technology is an enabler for sustainable healthcare,” says Ulrika Kjellberg, CEO of Appva, the comp

Unique chance to learn about healthcare procurement

31 January, 2019
Innovation in life science must more than ever be based on healthcare needs and demands. Then, great opportunities can be created for the business and industry. This is one of the starting points in a

New innovation centre changes the cityscape

29 January, 2019
The development plans for Sahlgrenska Life will completely change the cityscape around the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Sahlgrenska Science Park. In a 3D visualisation you can now see for yours

Healthtech crucial for sustainable health care

29 January, 2019
Healthtech and sustainability belong together. This is the basic idea for the project “The World’s Most Sustainable Healthcare 2030,” in which Sahlgrenska Science Park is collaborating with Swec

Up and coming companies top the healthtech market

28 January, 2019
Two markets stood out when the students at the School of Economics, Business and Law in Gothenburg analysed four customer segments for startup companies within healthtech. But the increasingly importa
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