“Think about the end right from the start”

4 October, 2018
“It is all about daring to test new things and failing quickly”, said Vitrolife´s Business Unit Director Maria Forss at Park Annual 2018. Check out Marias five most important tips for entr

What is it about AI that challenges 1928 Diagnostics?

2 October, 2018
As there is great interest in our first artificial intelligence (AI) survey, we are following the life science companies involved in artificial Intelligence during the year. Hello Susanne Staaf from 1

New winning combination: engineer and physician

28 September, 2018
New researchers and entrepreneurs will need to be doctors in both medicine and technology. Digitalisation places new demands on the Swedish higher education system. Now, the first steps to meet this c

The 1928 founders won the Arvid Carlsson Award

27 September, 2018
This year’s Arvid Carlsson prize for life science entrepreneurs was awarded to Kristina Lagerstedt and Susanne Staaf, who together founded and run 1928 Diagnostics. Last year’s prize winner, Eri

Electric through the brain at home

14 September, 2018
Weak electrical current in the left lobe helps to counteract depression. Soon, patients can manage their own electrical therapy at home on the sofa. Health tech is the hottest business segment within

Medfield now has sights set on Asia

11 September, 2018
With Medfield Diagnostics’ new subsidiary in Hong Kong, the opportunity has increased for a faster market launch, primarily in China. Medfield is now evaluating collaborations with local partners to c

Captario about their AI challenges

7 September, 2018
One of the West Swedish companies included in the artificial intelligence (AI) survey is Captario, who works with systems simulating the future of Big Pharma. Magnus Ytterstad, M Sc. Product Owner, Ca

Leading the way in Alzheimer’s

6 September, 2018
The first part of the BrainGain Sweden Innovation Meeting focused on Alzheimer’s disease. The value of biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment attracted a large audience and led to interesting di

CELLINK project receives €2.5 million

17 July, 2018
The project aims to develop and commercialize a specific bioprinting platform, including bioinks, software and hardware specialized for printing of human cancer tumors. The European Commission will fu

Captario simulates the future of Big Pharma

5 July, 2018
The innovative start-up company Captario has raised 50 million SEK to meet an increasing interest from the global pharma industry. Captario’s software makes it possible to analyze complex decisions in
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