Surrounded by AI

21 February, 2018

The first survey of companies working with artificial intelligence in West Sweden was met with enormous interest. The meeting arranged by Sahlgrenska Science Park in cooperation with Business Region Göteborg, took place in the Biotech Center and was immediately fully booked with a long waiting list.

Petra Apell and Johan Hogsved view their compilation of companies as an inspirational map of AI and Machine Learning. There is a lot going on in the region and development is fast, very fast.

Johan got the task to find 100 good business examples within Big Data and Machine Learning from Gothenburg and was surprised when it turned out to be many more. “We found AI in almost every industry and the possibilities of the technology are increasing,” says Johan Hogsved.

Petra made an in-depth analysis in the field of life science, where artificial intelligence can influence many stages of the development chain.

Collaboration between researchers and between large and small companies can lead to many new opportunities says Petra Apell. She learned from interviews with developers and senior executives that many people working in this area think that this is fun and feel that they contribute to future development.

Nowadays, AI is such a hot topic and the understanding of its importance has increased. During the meeting, we also learned more about some exciting examples of collaboration, such as the collaboration between Captario and Novartis.

Could you not attend this meeting? The results of the survey will be spread at a number of upcoming events, including at Park Annual. You can download the presentation directly from our web.


Text & Photo: Annika Åkervall