Anders Lehmann about issues related to clinical studies

26 January, 2018

Anders Lehmann is VP Development at Stayble Therapeutics, COO at Oncorena and a professor at Sahlgrenska Academy. He was feeling energized when we spoke with him after the latest Sahlgrenska Science Park #lunchlådan (lunchbox) seminar, which was focused on having/taking leadership when it comes to clinical studies.

“It was a really interesting discussion. I hope you continue with this type of meeting. The main reason why it’s often difficult to get clinicians involved in clinical studies is because if they have a waiting room full of patients and have to choose between helping them or future patients, the choice is obvious,” says Anders.

He continues, “Highlighting the importance of the competence development that healthcare professionals get from working with clinical studies and giving them credit for this, can be a way to bridge the gap between aspirations and reality. Companies often have substantial knowledge. It can only be positive for healthcare professionals to add to their skills and to contribute to the development of healthcare. But this work has to be recognized. In this context, I would like to point out the great importance that research nurses have for clinical studies. In practice, they are the ones who ensure everything runs smoothly and they have impressive skills.”

Anders Lehmann, interviewed by Annika Åkervall