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27 January, 2017

We repeat the success Demo @ Vitalis – Connected Healthcare in 200 seconds! During the first day of Vitalis, April 25, 2017, you get the opportunity to see a range of new innovations in digital health during a high intensity demo marathon! Apply by 28/2 if you want to give a presentation!

We will select a number of presenters who will present their new, pioneering products in digital health – with 200 seconds each at their disposal. Last year the result was energetic, as everyone from small entrepreneurs to the world’s largest eHealth companies introduced new products. This we want to achieve once more!

“We want to demo @ Vitalis help to highlight the innovations in digital health, which is already a reality. In a fast-paced event, the audience see an exciting selection of products highlighted. It is also a good opportunity for companies with products in digital health to make an appearance “, says Anders Persson, business advisor in digital health, Sahlgrenska Science Park.

All speakers get professional help with presentation skills by Vitalis and Sahgrenska Science Park by our collaboration with Nordic Connected Health Star Track.
If you are working in digital health, you have much to gain by following our news. See, for example, information on the eHealth Award 2017 and Vitalis scholarship here

See film from Demo@vitalis 2016 and find the application form here

For more information, please contact Anders Persson, business advisor in digital health, Sahlgrenska Science Park, e-mail

Apply for Demo@vitalis now!