Captario about their AI challenges

7 September, 2018

One of the West Swedish companies included in the artificial intelligence (AI) survey is Captario, who works with systems simulating the future of Big Pharma.

Magnus Ytterstad, M Sc. Product Owner, Captario shares some insights into the company’s work with artificial intelligence:

“Our initial take on AI is slightly different, in that we generate all the data that is used and we do not use private or patient data. The difficulty for us in this effort has been the proof of concept in a quite traditional pharma industry that do not like black boxes as a basis for decision support. The ability to present AI findings in ways that meet stakeholder expectations, and that increase real user understanding of the underlying data has been key for us to be able to proceed with investment in AI”.

Soon, you will have the chance to listen to Magnus Ytterstad, who is one of the interesting speakers at our Life Science event Park Annual, on September 27. Learn more about the programme and sign up here.