Caresumables & Directa in business together

11 February, 2016

Directa Dental Group has bought the two products Dry Dent and ComforTip developed by the Gothenburg based company Caresumables. Sights are set on the world market.

“Now it’s time for someone else to take my products to the world. Directa like Swedish innovation and production and has “highways” to different markets, says Kristina Frisk, CEO and designer at Caresumables, a company within the Sahlgrenska Science Park.

Directa Dental Group is one of the fastest growing manufacturing companies of dental products in the Nordic region. The focus is on innovative products that facilitate the daily work of dentists and for patients. The company started in 1916 and today has sales channels available in 90 countries.

Innovator Kristina Frisk will continue to occasionally help out in major trade fairs abroad. She is happy that production takes place in western Sweden. “Directa think highly of Swedish production and is investing heavily in the development in the Nordic countries, says Kristina Frisk.

She already has new plans for Caresumables which she started around 4 years ago. “We have a new product in the pipeline that I am now going to devote myself more to. Faced with the continued development of the company, we also evaluate the need for disposable products in health care. ”

Kristina Frisk is used to working close to the customer and always aim to capture ideas based on an expressed need. Her core competence is design and she finds it exciting to test what works. To evaluate how the products are received in the market is also important.

Caresumables first product DryDent has been available on the market since 2013. It absorbs the saliva under the tongue, making it more comfortable for the patient and helps the dentist to keep it clean and dry in the mouth (especially important when it comes to cementing, filling and bonding). The new product ComforTip absorbs the saliva in the cheek and is the result of a cooperation agreement between Caresumables and DAB Dental. It is marketed and sold exclusively under DAB Dental’s own brand Top Dent, in the Nordic and Baltic countries. DAB Dental and Directa are both in the same company group.

Caresumables is coached by Sahlgrenska Science Park and have their office in the business park.