CELLINK – Diamond Company of the Year

25 April, 2016

CELLINK, located in the Biotech Center, is one of Sweden’s young, promising companies and was recently highlighted on the 33 list of Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden. During the finals in Stockholm they were awarded Diamond Company of the Year and were proud to receive a check worth 100 000 SEK. Before the award event the bioprint company visited Svensk Skogsindustri, where they got to meet King Carl XVI Gustaf.

“It’s been intense and exciting days ever since we won the semifinal in Gothenburg. We are working hard to become “the next big thing” and we are incredibly grateful for all the opportunities and all the publicity, “says Erik Gatenholm, CEO of CELLINK.

The Gothenburg based company has developed a 3D printer for human tissue. CELLINK is the very first bioink company in the world and the first bioprinting company in Scandinavia. The ink contains nano-cellulose, a renewable material derived from wood fibers. The material has important mechanical attributes and is sustainable.

“Part of the ink is based on nano-cellulose from Svensk Skogsindustri. Of course it was nice to get the opportunity to meet the King and beneficial to participate at Skogsnäringsveckan “says Erik Gatenholm, CEO of CELLINK.

The interest to be able to print human tissue is large, not least from the cosmetics industry who see opportunities for significant skin tests without animal testing. The ability to print organs, such as an ear, can create advantage for patients in many different areas. Universities around the world are among their customers today and more and more manufacturers are now starting to show interest in CELLINK.

“The biggest challenge right now is to scale up production. Today, production takes place here in the Biotech Center and we are now looking for suitable manufacturing companies in western Sweden, and most preferably in Gothenburg, “says Erik Gatenholm.
Cellink Årets Diamantföretag

CELLINK will present more of their activities at Park Annual 16, this year’s major innovation event on September 29! Welcome to register here

For more information, please contact Erik Gatenholm, CEO of CELLINK

tel 073-267 00 00 or e-mail eg@aptab.se