Chalmers’ President sees great opportunities with AI

26 April, 2018

Chalmers University of Technology is preparing to invest >100 million SEK in artificial intelligence (AI), and our first mapping of life science companies operating in AI in West Sweden is extra relevant in relation to the Vitalis conference.

Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO of Chalmers University of Technology, and a member of the Board at Sahlgrenska Science Park: How do you see the future of artificial intelligence?

“AI, together with other components in rapid digital development such as extreme futuristic quantum computing, can provide incredible opportunities. Sweden has the potential to become a world leader in quantum technology. Within AI, companies in our region are well advanced. The development of AI can, within a few years, significantly influence healthcare. By connecting digital technology with healthcare at an early stage, we can shape a very exciting future that benefits individuals and society,” says Stefan Bengtsson.

The development of a quantum computer with far a greater computing power compared to today’s most advanced supercomputers is already underway at Chalmers.

Read more about the billion kronor research effort within quantum computing here

Download the presentation of the first AI mapping here


Text: Annika Åkervall. Photo: Anna Hult.