Chalmers world-class

8 April, 2019

Foreign students appreciate Chalmers University of Technology. This shows in the International Student Barometers (ISB) survey, where students from over 200 universities worldwide are included.

As a place of study, Chalmers is considered world-class, whilst the quality of the teaching is seen as among the best in Europe, according to an article in Göteborgs-Posten with the title Chalmers top among foreign students.

ISB includes both exchange students and students who have moved here to study at Chalmers. According to the article, 332 international Chalmers students participated in the survey, and the result is based on responses from nearly 200,000 international students worldwide.

The question of whether the school was a good place to stay, Chalmers received the highest grade of all 212 universities. Challenges included accommodation and living expenses.

According to an article at, the University of Gothenburg also participated in this year’s ISB, and their students reported a similar satisfaction with the broader experience of Gothenburg.

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Facts: The international student survey is conducted annually by the organization I-graduate. This particular study was conducted from September to December 2018 and comprises 212 universities worldwide. Chalmers distributed the questionnaire to 1,472 international students and the response rate was 23 percent. Read more at

Photo: Mikael Oskarsson, Chalmers studentkår