Close proximity between Gothenburg clusters of expertise

25 October, 2018

More than 60,000 people are active every day in one of Europe’s most knowledge-intensive areas. The short distances make the Gothenburg region a dynamic arena for new innovations in life science.

There are only seven kilometres between the cluster of expertise in Mölndal and the life science cluster around Sahlgrenska Science Park. 3,600 researchers and other employees only have twenty minutes by bus to a cluster of 20,000 employees and students.

This includes Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Gothenburg University.

By public transport, Lindholmen Science Park is less than half an hour away. This is the destination for approximately 30,000 employees and students every day.

Chalmers Campus Johanneberg, with nearly 10,000 students, researchers and teachers, is three stops or three minutes away from Sahlgrenska Science Park. Johanneberg Science Park is also located nearby.

Taking all this into account, this is one of Europe’s most knowledge-intensive areas, and it’s characterised by innovations relating to healthcare, human health and welfare, mobility and life sciences.

“The geographical proximity and location at the centre of one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas is a great competitive advantage,” explains Charlotta Gummeson, CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park.

The area is characterised by close collaboration between industry, academic research and education, as well as healthcare featuring a high level of research.

The proximity and expansion possibilities are two of the most attractive factors for international researchers, investors and entrepreneurs in life science.

“However, the most important aspect is the region’s wide ranging expertise which makes West Sweden and the Gothenburg region state-of-the-art when it comes to health tech and digital care services,” says Charlotta Gummeson.

This is just the beginning. Around the Lindholmen Science Park, there are many major establishments, including the Geely (from China) innovation centre. The prognosis is that the number of people at Lindholmen will double in the next five years.

In Mölndal, the extensive urban construction project GoCo Valley has started and is expected to accommodate numerous life science companies and employees.

At the same time, planning is ongoing for the major urban development project, Sahlgrenska Life, which will create new and modern spaces for health care, academia and business.

Download the report The Power of Coaction- Life Science West Sweden 2018.

Text: Kenny Genborg