Coala Life winner of eHealth Award 2017

26 April, 2017

24 companies participated in the eHealth Award 2017. The jury selected the Top 3 and during the opening of Vitalis the film was shown with finalists Mevia, Coala Life and CollaboDoc. Then the winner was announced. State Secretary Agneta Karlsson presented the award to Coala Life, a company that has developed a digital self-screening product to detect heart disease in time.

– “If Vision eHealth 2025 is to be achieved, companies in digital health, big and small, must contribute to innovation. Therefore, I really value the eHealth Award, which highlights Swedish innovation and that so many different companies have registered. Coala Life has a very interesting product and it will be exciting to follow their development, “says Agneta Karlsson.

Coala Life helps to reduce the number of deaths due to heart disease with its Coala Heart Monitor. It is a digital self-screening product that quickly and easily records heart rate, ECG and heart frequency, so that any symptoms can be detected in time. By placing Coalan on the heart for 30 seconds, followed by a reference ECG measurement, the user will be able to find out the status of the heart in only a few seconds.

“Our vision of digitizing the heart, finding diseases on time and enabling a completely new, individualized and efficient care model has now become a reality. Coala helps reduce the proportion of unnecessary care visits related to the heart, enables more effective cardiac investigations and helps detect symptoms of heart disease in an earlier stage than today. Hundreds of thousands of Swedes, for example, live with heart fibrillation without knowing about it and detecting the symptoms in time can be crucial. It is a great honor to win the eHealth Award 2017 which we dedicate to our many users, “says Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

The technology has been developed with researchers from several Swedish universities and prominent cardiologists. Today, the company has a developed an ecosystem where each individual is his own hub, with cardiac specialists who can be connected to assist with diagnosis and where the connection creates a giant database in the research service.

This was the first time that the Sahlgrenska Science Park, Vitalis, Cerner and Health Tech Nordic (the new name for the Nordic Connected Health Star Track) launched the eHealth Award initiative – an award in line with the government’s and SKL’s “Vision e-Health 2025”. The goal is to pay attention to innovations in digital health that exist in Sweden today, as they can contribute to more effective and safer care processes and more committed patients.

The jury’s motivation for the winner Coala Life reads: “Coala Life scored high scores on all of the jury criterias. They have an innovative product, the end user has participated in the development and it is a major market potential, both nationally and internationally. The product enables patient-centered care, which contributes to preventive treatment rather than disease development and requires urgent and comprehensive treatment. Coala Life will contribute to increased patient involvement, improved quality of life and care and reduced mortality. “