Competence enhancement with driven students through Black Dot collaboration

11 May, 2017

Do you want to increase your company’s competitiveness through students who solve challenges? An innovation weekend when a driven team put in 50 hours to find a sustainable solution is a first step. In step 2 you decide on a possible implementation together. All free of charge!

– At the first stage, it is about creating ideas. The idea of ??the innovation weekend is that each group is gathered around an idea to solve a current challenge. The weekend ends with a pitch of three minutes, says Nicolai Slotte, Project Manager for Black Dot and the Research and Innovation Office, University of Gothenburg. During the innovation weekend in June, sustainable solutions are discussed for about 10 challenges.

Black Dot is run free of charge by 15 members who have gone through the same journey they now guide. Prior to the innovation weekend, they help to formulate the challenge in such a way that the students can work with them. However, the students do not know the challenge in advance. Exciting, right ?!

When Black Dot receive a challenge, they recruit students from different disciplines (5 universities) to ensure different perspectives and diversity. Students are recruited on the basis of wanting to face a challenge and save the world. They are assigned late challenges that match their character.

“You get both the expected skills and the unexpected skills,” says Nicolai Slotte. He and his colleague Daniel Brandt tell us that the innovation weekend is classed as Open Innovation. If it is then interesting for both parties to proceed with implementing the idea, Sahlgrenska Science Park, GU Ventures or Chalmers Ventures for example may be involved. If necessary, it is also possible for companies to write a privacy agreement directly with the students.

The companies that attended our information meeting were very interested in knowing more. Are you? Read our previous article about BlackDot here or at the Employee Portal here. You can also read more about Black Dot here.

For more information

Contact Åsa Lindström, Project Manager, Sahlgrenska Science Park, by phone 070-734 99 76 or e-mail or Black Dot by e-mail
The work undertaken by Sahlgrenska Science Park is being carried out in cooperation with Business Region Gothenburg in the framework of the Catalyser initiative funded by the EU and Västra Götaland region. Learn more here.
Text: Annika Åkervall