Contribute with your idea for improved quality of life with breast cancer

15 June, 2017

The new initiative Crowd Ideas aims to allow more people to contribute and contribute to improved breast cancer care and the everyday lives of patients and relatives who suffer. Now you can contribute your idea on this website  until September 15th.

Exciting student discussions were followed by an interesting press conference at Sahlgrenska Science Park and publicity on the  radio etc. Crowd Ideas is a collaboration between the Breast Cancer Association Johanna Göteborg Bohuslän, Novartis, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Chalmers Center for Healthcare Improvement, University of Gothenburg and Västra Götaland.

“This is very exciting and we welcome ideas from all directions. We really do not see any limits to what kind of ideas. Development is important so that we use our social resources properly, “says Göran Landberg, professor at Gothenburg University, senior physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and chairman of the Wallenberg Center of Molecular and Translational Medicine.

– Crowd Ideas opens up to anyone who has an idea of what can make the care or everyday life of those who are diagnosed with breast cancer  more effective. When you talk about breast cancer, you often talk about health care but the issue of breast cancer is much bigger than that. Life with breast cancer is widely affected and it becomes a social issue. This is the elegant part in this project! We open up for all citizens to influence and come up with ideas, says Rose-Marie Fredriksson from the Breast Cancer Association Johanna Gothenburg, Bohuslän

September 15th is the closing date for the collection of ideas. After that, a project group will sort and group all ideas, then guide them to the appropriate actor inside or outside Västra Götaland, where we hope that the idea can be further developed. By revealing all that comes in, several actors can be inspired to further develop and create valuable solutions.
Now anyone can make their contribution here or through the Breast Cancer Association’s website and contribute an idea. If you would like to know more, you are welcome to contact Rose-Marie Fredrikson from the Breast Cancer Association Johanna Göteborg Bohuslän via phone, 073-941 98 10.

Pictured: Åse Rosenqvist (Novartis), Professor Göran Landberg (University of Gothenburg, etc.) and Ros-Marie Fredrikson (Johanna Breast Cancer Association).