A dedicated hospital director

30 January, 2017

To meet Ann Marie Wennberg provide an energy boost. As the quite recently appointed hospital director of Sahlgrenska University Hospital, she already has many strings to her bow. In addition to important organizational issues, SU are committed to develop the near-patient clinic, research, education and industry.


We discuss the possibilities with digital health and what this means for the industry and individuals. “Most patients do very well on their own, a lot can be done digitally,” says Ann-Marie Wennberg keen to highlight the importance of innovation. Good medical advances have come in collaboration with industry.

Last the autumn the Imaging and Intervention Centre (BOIC) was inaugurated – for better, faster and safer care – a major investment for the entire Västra Götaland region. BOIC provide extended and new opportunities for advanced image guided treatments in an environment of high hygienic quality care and patient safety. The investment will in addition to health care needs also contribute to a continued strong performance in research and innovation.

Competence is a core issue for Sahlgrenska University Hospital. “We are world-class in many areas and an international leader where we work with both depth and breadth. If you have the breadth you get the depth while the depth is a prerequisite for breadth, “says Ann-Marie Wenberg.

“Sahlgrenska LIFE is part of that idea. Activity in the common room of course strengthens our skills and increase our attractiveness, through research and development, near patient and clinical components. There should also be more career paths. ” Ann-Marie Wennberg would like to see a development where they reward employees for example through their participation in innovation. She also thinks it will be an advantage to be involved in educating students, because it is about our future.

Customer needs verification is important. Examples of when the dialogue with the care has worked really well is west Swedish companies such Integrum, Vitrolife and Triolab. Within the arena project at Sahlgrenska Science Park, we want to strengthen the opportunities for more companies to make the journey towards commercial success. Traditionally, there is a certain fear in healthcare about this. Ann-Marie Wennberg says spontaneously “the haphephobia between industry and care must be removed”. Obviously, it is important to have transparency and to evaluate as objectively as possible!

Today there are more <17 000 people working at SU. An important critical mass!

Photographer: Catharina Fyrberg