Digital services make life easier for the elderly

14 December, 2018

Through new and innovative tools, elderly and frail people can manage a lot of their everyday health treatments at home. These customized digital services are proving to be popular. Cuviva, the latest addition to the Accelerator Program at Sahlgrenska Science Park, is solving an important health challenge when “Elderly get connected and avoid the emergency room” (Dagens Samhälle).

Successful digitalisation of home care

Digitalisation of the Home Hospital is the name of the project where Borgholm Health Center made effective use of Cuviva’s platform to enable healthcare to be transferred to patients with the greatest needs.

 “The result is amazing! All patients experience increased security. The staff are enthusiastic. And the operational efficiencies result in considerable cost savings. I am proud that Cuviva is involved and is contributing to make the vision of future healthcare a reality. This is digitalization with both the heart and mind,” says Fredrik Koffner, co-founder of Cuviva.

 See the film about the digitalisation of home care in Borgholm.

 More proactive care possible

 Cuviva is playing its part to solve a very big challenge in healthcare over the next few years: improved proactive care for the frail elderly and patients with multiple chronic diseases.

 Although this is a relatively small group in society (about 4%), a considerable amount (>50%) of society’s healthcare and medical treatment expenses are generated by this share of the population.

 “The idea with Cuviva is to digitalise those with the greatest need. Our solution is unique in that it can be implemented already today. The pilot project shows that, by using digital aids designed for the frailest individuals, it is fully possible to improve their situation and, at the same time, save healthcare costs. In turn, this enables a faster transition of healthcare that benefits everyone patients, staff, healthcare providers and society at large,” says Henrik Cederqvist, CEO and founder of Cuviva.

 The purpose of Digitalisation of the Home Hospital was to provide increased security and comfort to patients. The fact that it saved money was a bonus.

 The cost savings presented in the evaluation of the project speak for themselves. If the model was to be scaled up to the national level in Sweden, there is a savings potential of over SEK 13 billion.

 “For four months, patients with chronic diseases managed their sampling and healthcare contact themselves at home. They used Cuviva’s solution to measure vital parameters and to communicate with nurses and doctors via text and video,” says Fredrik Koffner.

 A focus on user-friendliness is one of the reasons leading to people, who were not previously used to using technology, embracing the solution. The oldest patient using the solution is 95 years old. This contradicts the prejudice that older people can’t learn digital technology.

 The experience and learnings open more proactive healthcare and medical treatment opportunities in the future.

 Important verification support and networking

 Existing legislation is not yet up to speed with the capabilities we have today, using advanced digital solutions, to provide healthcare to the frail elderly and people with multiple diseases. This means that legal interpretations of the legislation are required to be able to provide IT support for healthcare and medical treatment.

 “We are breaking new ground with our solutions. So, the legal verification, which requires deep analysis, is very important. Through Sahlgrenska Science Park’s verification support, we can get help from Sweden’s most prominent lawyers in the field, “says Fredrik Koffner.

 Cuviva is one of the West Sweden companies in HealthTech Nordic – Fast Track, where active networking in digital health is central.

 “This means that we collaborate with the respective organizations, as well as with other member companies. As an innovative eHealth company, it is important to take advantage of other forces that drive innovation and development. Sahlgrenska Science Park and HealthTech Nordic are making significant contributions in that regard,” says Fredrik Koffner.

 HealthTech Nordic is one of the largest eHealth networks in the world. It is a Nordic collaboration project aimed at accelerating start-ups from idea to international market.

 HealthTech Nordic represents 170 Nordic start-up companies, 114 of which are Swedish. The number of member companies is continually increasing. The project’s primary aim is to create 700 new jobs in the Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerack region by helping new companies to grow and rapidly establish themselves on the international market. The project is based on a completely new Nordic model where the companies’ combined power of attraction helps to generate interest from investors and purchasers from all over the world.

HealthTech Nordic is run by Innovation Skåne, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Smile Incubator and Invest in Skåne in Sweden, as well as Cobis in Denmark and Norway HealthTech. The project is partly financed by Interreg-Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak, European Regional Development Fund. Read more about  HealthTech Nordic.


Text: Annika Åkervall. Photo: Anna Hult

Fredrik Koffner from Cuviva is featured in the picture. Read more about  Cuviva.