Emergency hospitals in China receive help from Göteborg company

19 October, 2017

This autumn, a pilot implementation of the trial system RETTS, developed in Göteborg and well-used in Swedish emergency care, is being carried out. Tianjin Medical University General Hospital is first wanting to increase patient safety and more hospitals in China have already shown interest. With the patient in focus, Predicare at Sahlgrenska Science Park has a strong growth potential.

-“It is a human right to be triaged in the best possible way when you need emergency care,” says Håkan Jidéus, CEO of Predicare, now facing an international expansion.

RETTS stand for Rapid Emergency Triage and Treatment System. It is an objective, validated and safe system that is currently used in all public emergency hospitals in Sweden and many in Norway. Simply explained, the system displays red (high medical risk), orange, yellow, green or blue (no current acute medical risk).

“At Chinese hospitals, only a subjective assessment of patients is being made of which patients will be taken care of first. In addition to the risk of error assessments, today there are many complaints and, in addition to them, a risk of crime, especially aimed at doctors, that are violated due to perceived wrong treatment. This has become a security issue in a double sense, according to Håkan Jidéus.

Tianjin Medical University General Hospital (TMUG) receives about 1,000 emergency patients per day (compared to Sahlgrenska University Hospital that receive about 150 and Södersjukhuset approximately 275 patients) – and is one in ten hospitals in Tianjin (also known as Tientsin), a major port city in northeast China . In Tianjin province there are about 100 hospitals.

The potential is extremely strong. Assuming that the pilot implementation in October-December 2017 is going well, Predicare expects strong growth. – Today we are 5 people and within 5 years we could be 50-75 people in Götebprg. We are obviously working on a long term basis, says Håkan Jidéus.

Now the project leader is in China to meet the hospital management and prepare the training (starting in October). The plan is that after three months, project management for the hospital will come to Göteborg for evaluation of results and preliminary decision on continuation.

Predicare participates in Sahlgrenska Science Park’s internationalization program, Bridge Market Access (Part 2 of the Internationalization Program), and faces a significant international expansion.

The company started in 2011. Associate Professor and Chief Physician Bengt Widgren, was involved in the development of RETTS (in his spare time) and is currently the medical expert in the company. The system is based on algorithms based on vital parameters (respiratory tract, respiratory rate, oxygenation, blood pressure, consciousness and temperature) in combination with search cause and symptoms (ESS).

For more information, please contact Håkan Jidéus, CEO of Predicare, by phone 0705-29 36 20 or e-mail hakan.jideus@predicare.se See also www.predicare.se