Emiriti Pharma recieve 2 million in venture capital from Antaros Medical

28 December, 2016

Emeriti Pharma, a company developing a new treatment for skin diseases receive up to two million in venture capital from Antaros Medical. The existing owner Almi Invest is also participationg in the issue of a total of three million SEK. Emeriti Pharma announces at the same time that the company is currently conducting a Phase I study with its drug candidate.

Emeritis drug candidate EP0003 is a patented molecule that specifically inhibits a critical enzyme involved in the development of some important skin diseases. This is a totally new concept for the treatment of rosacea, and psoriasis. The project is now conducting the first clinical study in the Phase I. Previous pre-clinical studies show that EP0003 is very potent, has good properties for administration to the skin andlarge safety margins.

“We are very pleased to Antaros Medical AB enters as partner and that Almi Invest increases its ownership in the company. Their financing will allow us to implement the Phase I study in a good way and begin planning for further development of EP0003. “Says David Gustafsson, CEO of Emeriti Pharma

“With the Emeriti Pharma’s leap into the clinical phase, we see a clear synergy between Antaros robust expertise in clinical drug development, and, later access to innovative methods and techniques for analysis of the effect of the drug, in this case, skin lesions after treatment. We are very proud to contribute to the further development of EP0003, “said John Hulthe, CEO of Antaros Medical.

Emeriti Pharma has its origins in research at AstraZeneca in Gothenburg. The four founders are chairman Björn Wallmark, President David Gustafsson and chemists Tomas Fex and Bengt Olsson. They all have extensive research experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Emeriti Pharma has laboratories and offices in AstraZeneca BioVenture Hub located within the premises of AstraZeneca in Mölndal. Now coached by Sahlgrenska Science Park. For further information contact: david.gustafsson@emeritipharma.se. Phone: 070-695 15:34

Antaros Medical is a research and development company in the Life Science area. Through a combination of innovative PET and MRI methods, broad experience in drug development and disease deep knowledge Antaros Medical deliver unique studies for cost-effective clinical drug development. Antaros Medical is based in BioVentureHub in Mölndal and Uppsala, Sweden. The company specializes in cardiovascular / metabolic diseases and cancer. Antaros Medical has a worldwide customer network with both large and small pharmaceutical development companies. Read more at: www.antarosmedical.com For more information contact johannes.hulthe@antarosmedical.com