Are you faced with complex challenges that require sustainable solutions?

7 March, 2017

We have the skills enhancement for increased competitiveness! In collaboration with Sahlgrenska Science Park, Black Dot now offer your company the opportunity to work with interdisciplinary student teams to identify and implement sustainable solutions to your complex challenges.

From approximately 50 hours of team effort by students up to six months of implementation, together with you and with the support of the innovation system is possible – free of charge and with great commitment!

Take the opportunity to let students from universities through VGR frame a solution that include what problem to solve, for whom, how to solve it, what possible business model that should be used and what is needed to implement the solution. Please contact us and we’ll book a consultation to identify the way forward!

As part of a new project funded by the University of Gothenburg, Högskolan Väst, Tillväxtverket and the EU, the non-profit organization Black Dot are working to develop and create opportunities for students to work with challenges in the private, public and non-profit educational sector and thereby bridge the gap that exists between academia and the three sectors. In order to create increased competitiveness for life science companies, Sahlgrenska Science Park is participating in business meetings, planning and support during the implementation phase.


The first business meeting is held in Gothenburg, 3 May 2017.

What is included in the offer?

Consultation with business – Identify and formulate potential challenge (2 hours)
Professional recruitment of students from all over the Västra Götaland region
The matching of students to multidisciplinary innovative teams
A team of students that frames a sustainable solution (50 hours)
Possibility for another 6 months collaboration with your team of students with tailored support for your students to work together with you to implement the solution


Black Dot identify and formulate the company’s challenge to a multidisciplinary team of students with different educational backgrounds to work on the basis of a developed innovation process. It offers students the structure (guidance, networking and feedback), adapted on the basis of the nature of the challenge.

Initially, students spend a weekend framing a sustainable solution to your specific challenge, and then share this with you to decide whether you want to proceed together and during the following six months work to implement the solution with the structural support of the innovation system.

What is expected of your company?

Your company works with some type of development and the challenge is clearly linked to this activity. Alternatively, you want to explore a new business opportunity. We expect you to take part at specified times in accordance with our process to ensure the quality of work.

You are also expected to offer students in your team a good basis for collaborative work with implementing the solution. If this results in an office space, internship, employment or another type of cooperation is of course up to you and your students to decide.

For more information

Contact Åsa Lindström, Project Manager, Sahlgrenska Science Park, by phone 070-734 99 76 or e-mail alternatively Black Dot via email

Lern more about black dot here 

This work is a co-operation between Sahlgrenska Science Park and Business Region Göteborg within the project Catalyser, financed by  EU and Västra Götalandsregionen. Learn more here