Four startups pitched for future healthcare needs

8 October, 2018

What digital solutions are on the market today and what’s in the pipeline? These questions were in focus when Capio Närsjukvård visited Sahlgrenska Science Park recently. Four selected startup companies – Cuviva, Mindfam, Gnosco and Detectivio – presented their business concepts and received valuable feedback.

“We are constantly looking for new innovations and solutions that can increase accessibility to our patients. This morning was interesting in several aspects and was a perfect opportunity for us to meet several digital health companies,” says Fredrik Gunmalm, CEO at Capio Närsjukvård.

“Of course, it’s great for entrepreneurs to get direct feedback on their product, business model and pitch, but it’s also incredibly valuable to discuss topics such as systems integration and reimbursement systems,” says Erik Heimer, Business Advisor at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

What happens now?

“We have a good relationship with Capio and we will continue to develop our relationship. For example, we see Capio as a possible test bed in the future. The companies that presented today are responsible themselves for a continued dialogue with Capio, “concludes Erik.


Text: Lizelotte Edvinsson