Gearing up for internationalisation

29 January, 2018

Last year, Opatus, Medfield Diagnostics, Genit Innovations, Urinkollen and Aweria all participated in Bridge Market Check, Sahlgrenska Science Park’s internationalisation program. The program concluded in London at the life science conference, Genesis, as well as with workshops together with Business Sweden UK.

”The structure of Bridge Market Check was tremendous and efficient. It would have been much more expensive, and we would never have come this close to the UK market so quickly, if we had to organize this on our own,” says Stefan Blomsterberg, CEO at Medfield Diagnostics

Together with Business Sweden, each company conducted a market survey, the results of which provide them with a solid understanding of their UK market. 

”The most important thing now is for the companies to maintain the networks they’ve built up with key opinion leaders in England,” says Erik Heimer from Sahlgrenska Science Park, who coaches the Bridge Market Check companies. 

”Even if the road to internationalisation is different for everyone, there are a number of common checkpoints along the way. We help the companies to navigate their routes so they don’t have to plot that journey on their own,” continues Erik. He emphasises that it’s never too early for a medtech company to plan for an international launch.