West Swedish girl power!

8 March, 2019

Five women with links to West Sweden place among the top 20 in MedTech Magazine’s list of influential people. Charlotta Gummeson, CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park, is on the list at #19 and Ann-Marie Wennberg is #5.


Jenni Nordborg is #2 on the list. Her mission is to lead the work on a new Swedish national life science strategy extending ten years into the future. Besides her role in the life science office at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, she is also Head of Health at Vinnova. Jenni grew up in Gothenburg and holds a PhD in chemical engineer from Chalmers.

At the top of Jenni Nordborg’s list of strategic areas that Sweden needs to focus on is a much more effective use of health and patient data, which is a topic she discussed during Park Annual by Sahlgrenska Park 2018.

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At #5 on the list is Ann-Marie Wennberg, professor and director of the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and board member of Sahlgrenska Science Park. Ann-Marie is very active in the debate concerning the future of healthcare, where healthtech innovations are of great importance, not least as in relation to our aging population.

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Sahlgrenska Science Park’s CEO, Charlotta Gummeson, is #19 on the list. The motivation from MedTech Magazine, which each year publishes the list of the 100 most influential people in the medtech world, is as follows: “Charlotta Gummeson is CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park, an important node in West Sweden’s healthcare industry.”

Like Charlotta Gummeson, Carolina Wallenius is a jury member for the eHealth Award 2019, which emphasises the work of small companies within healthtech. Carolina comes in at #12 on the MedTech list.

As the newly appointed head of Cerner Sweden, Carolina Wallenius is working to ensure Region Västra Götaland develops world class information management systems, as noted in MedTech Magazine’s motivation for Carolina.

Karin Båtelsson is a neuro-physiologist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and chairman of the Swedish Association of Senior Hospital Physicians. She is also active internationally as the first woman in the European organisation AEMH for doctors and managers in hospitals. Båtelsson is also vice president of the Swedish Medical Association. MedTech Magazine ranked her at #18 on their influencer list.

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