Good protective clothing gives better focus

16 April, 2019

It is an increasing trend to use X-rays in surgical procedures. As a consequence, healthcare professionals need safe and functional radiation protection, that are comfortable throughout the surgical procedure.


Especially surgeons and nurses can sometimes work for several hours in the operating room and need ergonomic X-ray protection to be able to focus on their main task: To give the patient the best care.

Ten Medical Design (10MD) has just launched its first product, a head protection called HeadPeace, for hospital staff working with X-rays. It is part of a complete radiation protection portfolio and valuable as the patented technology allows air and moisture to pass through while blocking the X-rays.

– The working conditions in the operating room are in many cases crucial for the result of the surgical procedure. And it is important to protect the brain from radiation. There is research showing that tumors usually are found on the left side and that is where the radiation source is located, says Fredrik Gellerstedt, CEO and one of the founders of Ten Medical Design – an alumni company from Sahlgrenska Science Park.

The company has developed a radiation protection material, TexRay, which is used for the manufacture of radiation protection textiles. It is a woven material that has been developed in close collaboration and with support from Chalmers University of Technology, the School of Health Technology in Halmstad, Smart Textiles, the Västra Götaland region and Vinnova.

Together with the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Ten Medical Design has conducted a user study with several hospitals – locally and internationally.

Ready to grow internationally
Now they are ready for the European market and Fredrik Gellerstedt recently pitched at Life Tech Gothenburg. 10 MD will introduce HeadPeace to the European market and make a fiber line investment. The next X-ray protection in the series is expected to come in the autumn.

– We are investing in our production chain for increased capacity and we are now signing agreements with distributors in Europe, says Fredrik Gellerstedt.

In addition to investors, the company seeks experience in the “supply chain”. 10MD currently has patents in the US.

Facts: Ten Medical Design (10MD), which started its operations in 2012, was previously a company within the Accelerator @Sahlgrenska . Life Tech Göteborg is an investor forum event that is arranged twice a year by Sahlgrenska Science Park in collaboration with Connect Region West.