Industrial giants can lift life science

19 December, 2018

What do large companies like Volvo and SKF have to do with life science? They are part of a major skills cluster giving rise to new forms of collaborations. This is according to the new survey report from Sahlgrenska Science Park.

Companies that have never previously been associated with life science can now be included in the data for Nordic competitiveness in digital health and health services – health tech.

The same skills that are driving the transformation of the automotive industry are important for the paradigm shift in life science and health care.

The survey report The Power of Coaction – Life Science West Sweden 2018 – lists 80 examples of companies and organizations in eight different industries with the potential to complement each other in health tech.

In addition to life science and transportation/vehicles, there are companies/organizations in internet/security, finance, service, research/education and incubators/collaboration arenas.

There are also verticals. Companies with products and services relevant to many different industries. The most renowned verticals with major operations in West Sweden are SKF and Ericsson.

These global groups are of great importance for the digitalization that is changing the playing field in very many areas.

However, it’s not only the large companies that are important in the transformation of life science. In the West Sweden business sector, there are many examples of small and medium-sized companies with niched specialist skills. These companies are an integral part of large companies’ product development, as well as an important part of the fast-growing start-up scene in West Sweden.

“Connected devices, data analysis and mobility are strong areas in the West Sweden skills cluster. This also makes the region extra interesting for investments in health tech,” says Carl-Peter Mattsson, Head of Investor Relations at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

The compilation of industries and companies is made on behalf of Business Region Gothenburg.

Read more facts, trends and conclusions from Sahlgrenska Science Park’s survey report. Download your copy of The Power of Coaction – Life Science West Sweden 2018 here.


Text: Kenny Genborg