Interesting meeting at the Norwegian embassy

9 February, 2018

Sahlgrenska Science Park was one of the few selected parties when the Center for Digital Life Norway held a first dialogue meeting at the Norwegian embassy in Stockholm.


The center is a research center for interdisciplinary digital biotechnology and life science, funded by the Research Council of Norway, and is the largest, single venture in biotechnology in Norway. It operates as a virtual collaboration between the three largest universities.
“One of the goals of the Centre is to bring about cooperation and collaboration between academia and relevant industries. One of our aims is to establish a trainee program,” says Alexandra Patriksson, Innovation Coordinator at Digital Life Norway.

“It was a very interesting meeting with rewarding discussions,” says Åsa Lindström, project manager at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

Together, we strengthen cooperation between industry and academia.

Text: Annika Åkervall