Last chance to apply for eHealth Award

9 March, 2017

We asked three quick questions to Anders Sonesson, Disend / Glooko, a globally successful entrepreneur who was an early adapter of digital health. We are now looking for innovative products and solutions in digital health for eHealth Award 2017. Tell people about the award or apply for the award here

Anders Sonesson, Diasend / Glooko: Why is digital health important? What do you think about the vision 2025 (Sweden will be a world leader in exploiting the potential of eHealth)? What are your thoughts on eHealth Award in 2017? See the movie!

Diasend has made a very exciting journey from the entrepreneurial environment at Sahlgrenska Science Park to several thousand diabetes clinics and millions of users around the world. Digital health can make a difference.

eHealth Award is open to Swedish companies that have an innovative solution in digital health, or a product that has already demonstrated benefits for patients, healthcare providers and / or healthcare organization. The winner of the award will be presented by public health care Minister Gabriel Wikström at Vitalis on 25 April.

Registration for the eHealth Award is open until 21 March.

eHealth Award 2017 is a new cooperation between Vitalis, Nordic Connected Health Star Track, Cerner and Sahlgrenska Science Park. The aim is to highlight amazing eHealth innovations that exist in Sweden today, as they can contribute to more efficient and safer care processes and more engaged patients.

For more information, please contact Anders Persson, a business advisor with responsibility for digital health, Sahlgrenska Science Park, by phone 070-945 95 11 or e-mail