Learn of your fertile window

16 May, 2017

MOON is now launching Moon Application and MOON Salinity, a smooth meter that measures salinity in the saliva combined with temperature. This is the first time these two established measurement methods are combined.

“Every day, the body sends out information just waiting to be interpreted. We want to make the information available and understandable so that every woman can become aware of how her own body works. Knowledge makes it possible to make conscious choices, says Peiman Khorramshahi, CEO of Moon Fertility. Both the development work and the production take place at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

The product can be used as part of the morning routine. The accuracy of the analysis increases with each new measurement being made. After a month or two, the user will have learned a lot more about her ovulation and menstrual cycle. The app also works as a personal logbook, which make life  easier for those who have an irregular menstrual cycle.

The days before ovulation the highest estrogen levels are in the blood. As the level rises, the mucous membranes of the body affect the salinity of the saliva, which can be measured as a decreasing electrical resistance. This in combination with temperature, according to MOON Fertility, allows the user to determine when she has ovulation. Directly on the mobile phone!

“We want to enable all women to learn more about their body and to check their ovulation and menstrual cycle,” says Peiman Khorramshahi. – All collected data is anonymized, it is important. It is transferred and stored in our databases with protection levels comparable to modern banking systems. At the same time, the information is readily accessible to the user via the mobile phone.

MOON Fertility is one of several exciting digital health growth companies at Sahlgrenska Science Park, which is also part of the Nordic cooperation program Health Tech Nordic.

For more information, please contact Peiman Khorramshahi, CEO of MOON Fertility, by phone at 0739-87 85 45 or email peiman.khorramshahi@moonfertility.com