Medfield now has sights set on Asia

11 September, 2018

With Medfield Diagnostics’ new subsidiary in Hong Kong, the opportunity has increased for a faster market launch, primarily in China. Medfield is now evaluating collaborations with local partners to create better conditions for introducing MD100 for stroke diagnosis.

Medfield Asia Ltd is a subsidiary of Medfield Diagnostics, and a joint venture company together with Business Research Ltd.

“Through collaborations, we plan to reach out to markets with high growth potential. Business Research has previous experience of establishing life science companies in Asia, and we are already seeing significant interest for our technology in China,” says Stefan Blomsterberg, CEO of Medfield Diagnostics.

The Chinese emergency care sector is growing strongly. Today, there is an estimated 200,000 ambulances and 22,000 emergency hospitals.

Early diagnosis, where you can quickly distinguish between a clot and bleeding is vital in terms of continued quality of life after a stroke. Assessments in the ambulance or at the hospital can be speeded up using Medfield’s technology so the correct treatment can be applied in time.

Back in Sweden, the Sahlgrenska Science Park company is also receiving attention. For example, through ongoing studies at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and collaborations with, for example, PICTA. Medfield is also one of the companies in the Artificial Intelligence in Life Science survey. Download the report here. See also a previous interview with Stefan Blomsterberg on AI challenges here.

For more information, please contact Stefan Blomsterberg, CEO of Medfield Diagnostics, by email

Text: Annika Åkervall

Photo: Medfield Diagnostics