Mevia is on the 33 list in 2017

7 April, 2017

Life science is hot on the 33 list! In addition to 1928 Diagnostics (which we wrote about in the previous newsletter), Mevia’s innovative technology for drug treatment impressed Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden that compiled the list for the 10th year. The third Gothenburg company on the list is Visiba Care, a platform for e-health where healthcare providers can open their own digital receptions.

– It’s great to get this recognition! The whole team has worked very hard to reach where we are now. Prices and recognition give us even more energy to drive the company forward, “says Jesper Hassel, CEO of Mevia.

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Digital technology improve compliance. Mevia help patients take the right dose of medicine on time and communicate in real time with a doctor, patient or close relative. This increases the quality of treatment.

“Many people take multiple drugs at the same time, and statistics show that every other person does not follow the instructions well enough when it comes to longer treatments,” says Jesper Hassel.

According to the World Health Organization WHO, improved medical compliance would have a greater health impact than any potential drug discovery.

When the medicine is removed from its packaging by the patient or health care provider, information is sent via the GSM network to Mevia’s IT system. Everything is done automatically and it is possible to send reminders to the patient or to, for example, the home service team, in order to increase compliance.

The technology has been tested together with elderly care units in three Swedish municipalities. The company’s focus is on two target groups: clinical trials and dose patients, which are people who receive drugs packaged in pharmacy bags.

For more information, contact Jesper Hassel, Managing Director of Mevia, by phone 073-030 48 63 or e-mail