Million city of Gothenburg on the Go!

28 March, 2017

In a few days the Gothenburg region will statistically reach a million inhabitants. Listen to P1-morgon with  Henric Einarsson, analysis and establishment manager at Business Region Göteborg here.

This is a milestone for Gothenburg as the city will now be classed as a European metropolitan region and this will strengthen our competitiveness. Being able to attract and retain long-term skills and companies in western Sweden is important, not least when it comes to the life science area where we are at the forefront.

The Gothenburg region has grown by 150 000 since year 2000. As the region grows, the availability of a variety of skills is also larger. The importance of an increased critical mass is often on the agenda.

Gothenburg has also been voted as the most social city, according to a new study published in the  the Guardian. A healthy environment is essential to thrive in terms of both work and relaxation. The West Coast is part of the charm.