More than money at stake in eHealth Award

25 January, 2019

Nominations are open to this year’s edition of the eHealth Award. The cash prize money is not the only reward. The greatest value can lie in sticking out in the hottest industry around right now.


At least as valuable as the prize money of SEK 50 000 and consulting hours for SEK 80 000, is the well-deserved attention.

Healthtech has become one of the most attractive investment areas in the technology sector. The concept stands for applied digital technology that can give more people a healthier life and high quality, cost-effective care.

“Sweden has unique conditions for creating innovations in this area, with collaboration across traditional industry boundaries. IT, mobility, data analysis and life science,” says Charlotta Gummeson.

She is new on the jury for the e-Health Award and CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park, which specialises in healthtech.

Since 2017, the eHealth Award has been awarded to start-up companies that target healthcare. The purpose is to stimulate innovative solutions for more efficient and safer care processes, as well as more engaged patients.

“Many of the new digital solutions that are needed for the healthcare system to meet the challenges facing healthcare are already available today. Many of the innovations are also developed here in Sweden. These are the ones that the eHealth Award highlights and rewards,” says Marianne Larsson, Head of New Industries at Innovation Skåne, project manager for HealthTech Nordic and jury member for the eHealth Award.

Last year, Kontigo Care won. They have developed a digital tool to detect and reduce the risk of relapse in addiction care. The year before, it was Coala Life, who developed a digital stethoscope for remote heart monitoring.

Nominations for eHealth Award 2019 opened on January 24. The winner will be presented during the opening ceremony of the Nordic region’s leading eHealth meeting, Vitalis, in Gothenburg on May 21.

The jury’s assessment criteria are based on Vision e-Health 2025.

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Facts: The e-Health Award is a collaboration between HealthTech Nordic, Vitalis, Cerner and Sahlgrenska Science Park. The award is based on the government’s and SKL’s Vision e-Health 2025 that aims to ensure Sweden will be best in the world in this area.