MYoroface invests in UK

16 March, 2017

The future is looking bright for medtech company Myoroface. Two reputable investors have recently invested in the company, whilst ALMI have increased their share. In total the company has received 3.6 million SEK and can continue its expansion in order to help more people with eating and swallowing difficulties.

– This will be critical to our venture in the UK. We have good contacts in the UK, where five hospitals are interested in conducting studies, says Linn Hägg, Marketing and Sales Manager, MYoroface.

Difficulty swallowing is very common. After a stroke for example, patients often have difficulty swallowing fluids and roughly 1 in 10 otherwise healthy people have difficulty swallowing solid food. The latter is usually due to muscle paralysis due to a diaphragm hernia. But both groups can be helped through training – by activating the natural system almost everyone will improve with the help of IQoro, according to Linn Hägg.

More and more health care providers are interested in the neuromuscular method of treatment, where both the muscles and the nerves are stimulated. Via social media there is already a large interest from patient networks in Australia and the USA.

The product works like a barbell. Linn Hägg shows how to place it inside the lips, pull forward and hold for 10 seconds, rest and repeat. This simple approach stimulates important sensory nerves of the oral cavity, which in turn (through the brain) triggers the muscle from the mouth to the stomach. It sounds like a fairy tale, but research shows that 97% of patients improve their capacity and 71% are fully restored. One and a half minutes exercise per day is the recipe for success (and it is important not to increase the time of training).

Linn Hägg runs the company together with her sister Ylvali Gerling, with offices at Sahlgrenska Science Park and headquarters in Hudiksvall. The innovation IQoro is based on over 20 years of research by Mary Hägg, PhD, Dipl. dentist and specialist in orofacial medicine.

For more information, see or contact Linn Hägg via email or telephone 070-344 89 55

Text: Annika Åkervall

Photo: Agneta Wallner