NovaHep receives 21 MSEK in EU funding

13 June, 2017

Congratulations NovaHep to amazing 2,184,604 € from the EU’s “Horizon 2020 SME Instrument”! This is the most sought after EU contribution to European innovative companies, and Swedish innovation is doing very well in the competition. Three life science companies now share 8 million Euro.

“This is of course extremely valuable for our next development step,” says Petter Björquist, CEO of  NovaHep AB in Biotech Center, Gothenburg. The company has a powerful tissue technology with a great potential in the field of transplantation.

The vaccine technology company Idogen in Lund and Scandinavian Biopharma in Stockholm  which develops an ETEC vaccine, are also among the 9 European selected life science companies that received funding.

As the EU Horizon 2020 SME Instrument applies to all industries, this shows that Swedish innovation in the life science area is at the forefront.

Of 1222 applicant companies, a total of 69 grants were granted. The fact that five Swedish companies were among these and three of them are in the life science area is extremely pleasing. In comparison, there were a total of two companies in Germany and two in France – in all sectors – who received a grant.

“In addition to the money, the EU pays for 12 days of consultancy, where they set Europe’s most experienced business developer to help us forward. This is very exciting, says Petter Björquist.

Today they are ten employees at NovaHep. Now we are looking forward to increased growth, in Gothenburg and internationally.

For more information, please contact Petter Björquist, CEO, NovaHep AB, phone 070-597 92 96 or Read more about the EU funding here

Text: Annika Åkervall