Predicting the future

11 April, 2019

“We are good at cross sector collaboration in Western Sweden, one of our major competitive advantages”, says Carl-Peter Mattsson, Sahlgrenska Science Park, when attempting to predict the future.

This spring’s Life Tech Gothenburg was initiated by Carl-Peter Mattsson, business advisor with responsibility for investor relations and capital supply issues at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

His four predictions for the future are:
1. Sahlgrenska Life – Research, care and business meet in 2022, for increased patient benefit.
2. Open Innovation – Increased interest from the industry to create new innovations and collaborations in an entrepreneurial model
3. Cross sector collaboration – Strong increase in ICT, mobility and life science collaborations, necessary for the development of new healthtech solutions.
4. Cross sector opportunities – Great interest both nationally and internationally for investment opportunities in intersections between different sectors

Several selected healthtech companies presented their business during the investor event, which was arranged by Sahlgrenska Science Park in collaboration with Connect Region West.