Reaching world-class with new quantum computer at Chalmers

4 December, 2017

A SEK 1 billion research initiative is paving the way for Sweden to be in a global top position in quantum technology. The focus lies on developing a quantum computer with much greater computing power than the leading supercomputers available today. See it featured on SVT or in the series of articles in NyTeknik (in Swedish).

The initiative is led by professor Per Delsing at Chalmers university of Technology and is possible thanks to an anniversary-donation of SEK 600 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation.

The progress of research in quantum technology in recent years has brought the world to the brink of a new technology revolution – the second quantum revolution. Researchers have figured out how to control individual quantum systems such as individual atoms, electrons and particles of light, which is opening the door to completely new possibilities. Extremely rapid computers, intercept-proof communications and hyper-sensitive measurement methods are in sight.

Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology is an offensive Swedish drive to contribute, and to implement, the second quantum revolution. About 50 scientists have been recruited within the frame of the ten year research programme that is set to start after the turn of the year. In addition to the donation received from the Knut and Alice Wallenbergs foundation more funds is to be added from the industry, Chalmers and other universities, which will result in a budget of nearly SEK 1 billion.

You can watch and listen to the scientists in Chalmers movie on Youtube: The Quantum Revolution

Read more at Photo: Johan Bodell, Chalmers.