Safe pressure with smart textiles is receiving attention

21 April, 2017

PressCise has developed a compression bandage with a visual signal system. The West Swedish company has refined the technology, started selling and is now developing new products with verification support from Sahlgrenska Science Park. Recently, they received the JWC Award award for most innovative product during the 10th National Wound Care Conference in London.

“Low resting pressure and high working pressure are part of the secret,” says Andreas Nilsson, CEO of PressCise since 6 months. The company has received great attention after the award for most innovative product. The International Journal of Wound Care annually distributes the prize according to the jury’s choice.

Winding compression bandages is a difficult art. Therefore, before PressCise, the result after for example vericose veins or leg ulcer surgery could vary a lot. With the smart bandage, everyone can apply them right and the patient can feel safe during nursing and healing. Today, the problem of painful high pressure, surgery complications or prolonged healing can be minimized.

“Today we are established in Sweden and we have a distributor in Australia as well as some sales in Italy,” says Andreas Nilsson. The product is CE marked for Europe and also certified in Australia. The comfortable bandage in an elastic material is developed in collaboration with Textilhögskolan and Smart Textiles in Borås.

Future plans include developing a number of bandages based on the compression classes used as guidelines in health care (for various injuries) and compression products for sports. Further significant target groups are within self-care.

Those who watched the Nobel gala in 2016 could hear Professor Torbjörn Lundh, Chalmers and Gothenburg University, talking about the benefits of mathematics. As many of you know, he is one of the founders of PressCise. Both Andreas and Torbjörn will attend the major conferences Charing Cross in London and the EWMA (European Wound Management Association) in Amsterdam. PressCise also has a booth at the EWMA.

Text: Annika Åkervall